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3 Ways to Help Your Chances of Mortgage Approval

3 Ways to Help Your Chances of Mortgage Approval

A home is the most important purchase many people make in their lifetimes. Not only does becoming a homeowner signify an enhanced degree of maturity, it also represents a significant accomplishment in the life of any adult. Unless you’re independently wealthy, odds are you’ll need to a mortgage to make your dream of homeownership a reality. However, for many of us, being approved for a mortgage is far from a simple undertaking. Numerous things can go wrong throughout the approval process, and it’s important for people to know what they’re getting into before submitting an application. Prospective homeowners looking for effective ways to boost their chances of loan approval are urged to consider the following pointers.

  1. Get a Handle on Your Debt

Not many lenders are willing to take a chance on applicants with substantial outstanding debt. After all, if you’re unable to pay your current creditors in a timely manner, why should prospective lenders think your approach to them will be any different? With this in mind, it’s in your best interest to get a handle on your outstanding debt before submitting a mortgage application. While this may mean delaying your home purchase, paying down existing debt can be a boon to your chances for approval. If you’re in a tremendous hurry to lay claim to a certain home, consider asking a family member or close friend for a short-term loan to help eliminate your debt.

  1. Don’t Apply for a Mortgage You Can’t Afford

While it may seem like a no-brainer, it’s strongly recommended that you abstain from applying for mortgage loans you can’t afford. For starters, this move is practically guaranteed to result in rejection, effectively wasting the time of all parties involved. Secondly, on the off-chance that you are approved, your finances will consistently be stretched to the limit and you may ultimately lose the home. Even if it means settling for something less than your dream home, you’re better off sticking with mortgages whose rates you can comfortably afford. So when looking at mortgage rates in NJ, take care to explore your options.

  1. Remain at Your Job

You’d be hard-pressed to find a lender willing to grant a mortgage to an unemployed applicant. That being case, every prospective homeowner would be wise to remain at his or her job throughout the application process. Unless you’re stuck in a genuinely untenable or abusive professional situation, you’re better off staying put – at least until your loan is approved. This isn’t to say that you should never quit a job – but doing so while a home loan is being considered is never a smart move.

Making the jump from renter to homeowner can be a transformative experience. In addition to becoming the master of your domain, you’ll begin a brand new chapter of your adult life. However, before you can darken the doorstep of your new home, you’ll need to be approved for a mortgage. While this process can be difficult, it’s by no means impossible – provided, of course, you’re willing to put in a little work.

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