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Why Renewing Car Insurance Online Is Better Than From A Dealer?

Why Renewing Car Insurance Online Is Better Than From A Dealer?

Nobody wants to fall prey to what an insurance dealer’s words. Everybody uses a mobile phone these days and all information related to car insurance policies are just a click away Therefore, evaluating an insurance premium is easier than before. One can get a pool of information available through which any insurance requirement can be met. Moreover, when you can get to know every fact associated with renewing car insurance in a click, one does not need to contact a dealer and go through all the hassle. Scroll down to know the reasons which can prove the renewing of the car insurance a better task in the online mode.

Advantages of renewing car insurance online


The online policy renewal is more convenient because there is no involvement of a middleman. While renewing through a dealer is going to involve following up with the dealer in case of both buying a policy and receiving a policy.

Comparative analysis

A comparative analysis of any kind of car insurance cover from different insurers is very easily available online for the insurer’s disposal. While on the other hand, renewal through a dealer can be biased.


Online policy-making and renewal are highly cost-effective because there is no sign of hidden costs. Whereas, renewing through a dealer is only going to be expensive because the share of the dealer’s profit will be included in the premium.


The premium will be low and can easily be managed as per the needs of the customer, especially when making a third party car insurance online. On the higher hand, when renewing policies through a dealer, the premium is going to be comparatively higher. It is almost a loss as when the person is making a third party car insurance through a dealer.

Add-on covers

On an online platform, the customer can make an unbiased and independent decision to select the add-on covers. While on the other hand, the dealer may be manipulative in making the customer choose an add-on cover.

Premium calculation

It is good news that now all the insurance holders have the insurance premium calculators made available. Thus, now they can easily compute the premium choosing add-on covers that fit their requirements best. While on the other hand, the premium provided by a dealer can be based on the choice of covers for the individual’s car.


The insurer can see all the clauses that are attached or are applicable along with the cover. However, a dealer might hide some of the valuable information or clause or even forget to communicate the same with the insurer. When they buy the policy and need to claim for something, then all these hidden clauses come as a shock.

No forms

For online renewal of cars, one does not need to fill the lengthy detailed form. While a dealer may ask for various information and request the individual to fill the proposal forms.


Getting an online-renewal is highly time-saving. On the other hand, buying a renewal policy from a dealer may be very time-consuming.


One can make any free decision in terms of buying a renewal policy. With a dealer, there are chances of push sales.

Buying a car insurance renewal online has its advantages like they have been discussed above. Instead of running to various insurance agents or dealers and then comparing the premiums, calculating the premiums online is a far better option. One can easily calculate the premium customised policies and compare the costs provided by different providers of insurance. There is no harm in following an online sales channel as it is only going to empower the customer more. There are several companies and insurers who provide in-depth details about very fast car-renewal policies. To know more, click on https://www.turtlemint.com/car-insurance/articles/third-party-car-insurance.

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