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Why You Need Financial Advisors: Top Four Reasons

Why You Need Financial Advisors: Top Four Reasons

If you’re anyone like the average Australian, then you’re probably already on the fence about hiring a financial advisor.

After all, you reason, hiring financial advisors in Newcastle costs a tidy sum. Isn’t it better to use many of the free online tools available for the purpose? Why not use a portfolio risk calculator, or download an AI-enabled app?

It’s true: you can always go with financial information available on the internet for self-education. After all, the more you know, the better decisions you’ll be able to take.

But trust your hard-earned money to the decision of a cyber-bot? Not a wise call.

That’s exactly where a financial advisor can help you. Using unique industry insights and on-the-job expertise, they can craft a winning portfolio for you. Here are the top four ways in which financial advisors help you out.

Navigating The Information Overload

Information is a good thing, but only when taken in moderation. Too much information and over-analysis can cause you to freeze up in your decision making. This leads to unwarranted procrastination and ultimately, a lack of positive action.

A financial advisor helps you to navigate through the ocean of information and reach your desired shores. They instill confidence in your decision making and allow you to focus on what is essential. This leads to better decisions and goal setting.

Saving Time For Priorities

If you think about it closely, then all of us could learn to do everything in our lives. Why, with enough effort, you might even succeed in giving yourself a proper haircut!

But do you really have the time? Wouldn’t you rather spend that time making more money? Or perhaps with your loved ones?

Similarly, you don’t want to spend your precious time wading through complicated financial rules. It’s better to hire a financial advisor and have them take care of your money expertly. This not only saves time but also money in the long run.

Specialised Knowledge

Would you go to a cardiologist for a toothache?

Similarly, different financial advisors have expertise in their respective niches. Some specialise in retirement planning, while others have expertise in mortgage settlements. As an investor, you can take advantage of this specialised knowledge and ensure your financial future.

Overcoming Biases

Finally, we come to the most dangerous financial mistake of all: succumbing to personal biases. Humans are emotional creatures. We may try to think logically, but when it comes to managing money, we often end up making emotional decisions. Such biased investments can come back to haunt you.

The aid of a financial advisor ensures that your monetary decisions remain bias-free. This allows you to take timely action that profits you, both in the short and long run.


It’s never too late to jump onto the financial advisor bandwagon. And with the help of our financial advisors and mortgage brokers in Melbourne, you can fulfill your financial goals. Contact us today for a zero-obligation consultation.

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