Home FinanceOzan SuperApp expands its financial services range with Mastercard membership
Ozan SuperApp expands its financial services range with Mastercard membership

Ozan SuperApp expands its financial services range with Mastercard membership

Ozan Elektronik Para, operating as Ozan SuperApp, declares that its Mastercard membership is successfully completed as of September 2021.  This partnership will allow Ozan SuperApp users to acquire Mastercard-branded Ozan debit cards.

Teaming up with Mastercard, the global pioneer of payment technologies

With the membership of the global leader of payment-tech Mastercard, Ozan SuperApp broadens the scope of its financial services for its growing user base.  Ozan SuperApp is on the fast track to becoming a truly global fintech by partnering with prestigious, leading brands. Having previously announced its Visa membership in February, UnionPay membership in March, and Troy membership in August of 2021, Ozan SuperApp has completed the Mastercard membership process and now offers all leading card schemes in its portfolio.

Ozan SuperApp CEO Ömer Suner:

“Our collaboration with the payment technologies pioneer Mastercard is a welcome crucial step on our path to becoming a global fintech. Thanks to this partnership, our users can now spend their funds through their Mastercard branded debit Ozan Cards across the world. In addition to your physical card, you can create virtual Mastercard cards very easily on Ozan SuperApp and use them securely online. I would like to thank the Mastercard team once again on behalf of the Ozan SuperApp family for their full support throughout this process. We’re determined to keep partnering with prestigious global brands and institutions at full speed for our users worldwide.”

Ozan SuperApp Founder Ozan Özerk:

“Teaming up with Mastercard and being able to access their technology, payment rails, and know-how is fundamental for any fintech aiming to take the global stage. We believe that our Mastercard membership advances Ozan SuperApp significantly, confirming its presence as a serious player with a long-term ambition in the fintech landscape.

About Ozan Elektronik Para:

Formed to introduce the financial services of the future to its users, Ozan Elektronik Para is an electronic money institution licensed by the BRSA in accordance with law number 6493 and has been providing services under the authority of the CBRT (Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey) since January 2020.

With its SuperApp application, Ozan Elektronik Para aims to offer its customers a variety of financial services such as opening accounts in seconds, transferring funds and using debit cards as well as providing various lifestyle and entertainment services.


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