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A New Kind of ATM: Cryptocurrency ATMs

A New Kind of ATM: Cryptocurrency ATMs

A Rapidly Expanding Market Within the World of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency ATMs are quickly becoming one of the most widespread methods currently available for the purchase of cryptocurrency. These machines are called ATMs, but they are not ATMs in the traditional sense. They are instead, kiosks where individuals can make cryptocurrency purchases. These machines generally accept both debit card and cash payments. Current figures place the total number at more than 6 thousand globally. These cryptocurrency ATMs (or bitcoin ATMs) are spread out across some 75 countries around the world. The growth of this market has indeed been impressive as the number of these ATMs has doubled in a short matter of time.

The Current State of This Exciting Market

At the moment, it can accurately be stated that the United States sits at the epicenter of the cryptocurrency ATM market. The market for cryptocurrency ATMs is also seeing a significant amount of growth across the United Kingdom and the Canadian market. The U.S. is still the dominant force as far as the number of locations with some 4 thousand located around the country. Canada currently has the second largest number of these machines and then the U.K. comes in third.

An Exciting Firm Within the Cryptocurrency ATM Field

CoinFlip is a significant innovator within the cryptocurrency ATM sector. The company’s team has worked tirelessly to attain the status of the leading U.S. operator of cryptocurrency ATMs. The firm is currently able to assist its customers in the purchase and sale of seven of the top cryptocurrency types in today’s market. CoinFlip is also gaining an impressive reputation for offering outstanding rates. Other major benefits of utilizing the services provided by CoinFlip include an easy process for verification, outstanding customer support, and transactions that can be quickly processed within a time frame of ten to thirty minutes. CoinFlip also offers payment options by way of both cash and debit cards. The driving goal behind the business model at CoinFlip is to provide the best cryptocurrency trading facilitation available in the crypto ATM field. The company’s cryptocurrency ATMs have been carefully designed to offer an outstanding user experience that makes buying and selling cryptocurrency easier than it has ever been before.

The Innovative Individual Behind the Success At CoinFlip

The individual at the head of the CoinFlip team is Chief Executive Officer Daniel Polotsky. He first got into this business because he had a desire to make the cryptocurrency ATM experience a better one. He realized that the earliest versions of these machines were not what one could consider being user-friendly and he felt that he could do it better. To launch the CoinFlip business model, Daniel continued to work at his regular job. This is a prime example of the dedication that he had to make a go at this business. It was a gamble that paid off big for Daniel as his CoinFlip business model has taken off and shown impressive growth. The company has placed a large focus on appealing to individuals in the unbanked category. Daniel and his CoinFlip team are strong believers that their cryptocurrency ATMs currently represent that top method for the trade of today’s cryptocurrencies because of the tremendous convenience that they offer to today’s consumer public.

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