Purpose and Significance of Form 16A

How tedious is it to go through every step of a government or legal procedure? Quite a lot, right? But, the procedure gets so much easier when you find it little by little down the lane. Here - we are going to be talking about Form 16A. Form 16A - it is a Tax Deducted at Source Certificate that shows the amount of TDS, the nature of the payments, and the TDS payments submitted to the IT Department. Form 16-A demonstrates value in non-salaried compensation. TDS professional fee, bank interest, and rental payment What is Form 16A and How to Get It? Form 16A is essentially a certificate that every company and organization is required to keep on file for their personnel. It is a Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) certificate that lists all of the taxpayer's or individual's sources of income.

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