Hard Money Loans vs. Mortgages: 4 Key Differences

You are looking to buy a piece of property. You have already had experience with mortgage lending, but now you have associates encouraging you to check out hard money. Do you know the key differences between hard money loans and mortgages? If not, familiarizing yourself with hard money lending will fix that. Hard money and traditional mortgage financing differ on many levels. They are two different types of lending aimed at two different audiences. Both serve a vital role in helping borrowers obtain property. The issue for you is deciding which to pursue so that you can start researching lenders. To get you moving in the right direction, here are the four key differences between hard money loans and mortgages: 1. Market Scope The starting point for hard money loans and mortgages ar...

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What Happens to Your Group Health Insurance Plan When you Switch Jobs?

The pandemic has been a unique experience for most of us. Two years of the pandemic has left us with many learnings, which have forced us to reset our priorities. Insurance is one such subject that is gaining awareness amongst young Indians. Unlike western countries, where the Insurance industry is very well-developed, India is at a nascent stage. As per IBEF, insurance penetration in India in 2021 is just at 4.2%. There is a huge scope for insurance players in India. The new age Insurtechs will be instrumental in strengthening insurance penetration in India. Health insurance can be broadly classified into 7 types: Individual health insurance Family floater insurance Senior citizen health insurance Critical illness Specific illness Group health insurance Personal ...

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