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Make Sure Your Commercial Loan is a Fit for Your Business

Make Sure Your Commercial Loan is a Fit for Your Business

Commercial loans are secured by commercial properties like apartment complexes, warehouses, office buildings or shopping centers. The incomes from the buildings is what is used to refinance, buy, or redevelop a commercial property site. Loans for financing a commercial property are set up to satisfy both the lender and the borrower. These mortgages usually consist of a wide range of underwriting clauses before closing. The property to be mortgaged would need to be inspected and the financial records gone over to prove the income from the property will pay the mortgage amount.

About 30 percent of all commercial real estate transactions are done in cash. Usually the buyer will need to find a lender to give them a mortgage for the property. The seller will always be more interested in a buyer that has already gotten preapproval for the commercial property.

The best way for a buyer to eliminate other competitive bids is to make sure he is preapproved by the bank or whatever loan financing service they are using. An investor should get personal and property preapprovals to assure the seller that the sale will go through without a hitch. When competitive bids do not have proof of financing the loan, sellers are more likely to sell to a preapproved buyer.

Commercial property financing norwalk ct lenders will require a bit of paperwork before giving you a commercial loan. You will need to have you personal and business bank statements, tax returns for at least a couple of years, profit and loss statement, balance sheet, debt schedule, financial statements and legal documents. On top of all those statements, it will be required of you to have a solid business plan, what you are using the loan for and a personal resume showing all your experience.

Before thinking about where to get your commercial loan or which type of loan you need, you need to know why you need the loan. Knowing what you need the loan for will save you time in locating which loans are a fit for your needs. There are a few different types of commercial mortgages available. The conventional loan is for those buildings that will be owner occupied and have other investments that are stabilized. Many lenders will loan up to $100 million for the building of your dreams.

The CMBS loan is the Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities loans. These loans are offered at a lower interest rate. The borrower has the ability to cash out of this type of loan, and the loan has fixed terms. CMBS Loans are usually given to buyers of multifamily apartment buildings, retail space, office space and hotels that are franchised.

The whole process of getting a commercial mortgage could take weeks or even months. Commercial real estate lenders, SBA lenders and banks take the longest. Some credit lenders and financing companies who use technology may be able to get you an answer in 2 or 3 days. Once you get your approval and are given the business loan agreement, read it very carefully. Make sure you understand what your interest is going to be, what your repayment schedule is, and if the loan if still a good fit for your business.

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