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Trading Experience with CapitalXp

Trading Experience with CapitalXp

The company provides their clients with a wide range of services in trading. There are different types of accounts you can choose from according to your experience and needs.

CapitalXp has 5 types of accounts: basic, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond.

A basic account is very general and limited. You get the platform introduction, a dedicated account manager, access to webinars and introduction to financial marketing. A silver account delivers more advantages and on top of the basic features add sentimental, fundamental, and technical analysis. Moreover, you’ll get a one-on-one tutorial and personal Skype services. The managers will help with long- and short-term strategies, risk management, and add a bonus.

A gold account combines basic and silver account advantages and adds more features. Advanced trading strategies, as well as better spreads and trading signals, are to be expected. You’ll get a one-on-one MT4 course and a senior account manager who’ll guide you through the process of trading.

A platinum account has the benefits of basic, silver, and gold statuses and offers daily market brief, VIP webinars, a private webinar with an expert. In addition, you’ll be able to trade live with an expert.

A diamond account is the highest rank account in the company which has a number of extra benefits which are discussed individually.

The company is working with a number of features that help it to excel many brokers. Their website is secured with the latest SSL technology. It also stands out from the rest by offering educational tools like books and webinars to help the beginners and extend the knowledge to the pros. The support team works only during the weekdays and can help with the questions you might have.

CapitalXp assures that they are transparent, save and offer great support. The website is user-friendly and provides insightful information. A user can trade on Forex, Stocks, Indices, and Commodities.

Nowadays, the investors have access to a wide number of brokers and instruments. When choosing them, you need to take into account a number of factors and consider all possibilities. The most important is the risk tolerance and the style of trading.

The Internet has opened the doors for the international trading and people from all over the world can participate in selling and buying currency and companies’ stocks. Keep in mind that it’s important to make your portfolio confident and successful. Experiment and try different styles and tools to find the method that will be perfect for you.

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