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6 tips for building your growing business brand

6 tips for building your growing business brand

In the past when it came to building a brand, it was all about who had the biggest budgets.  But times have changed. Instead of who has the most commercial finance now, it is about who has the best strategy at the right time to ensure maximum exposure. Customers now consider which brands they can relate to and not just which ones are the most famous. If you want to get the approval of your customer’s community, then it’s crucial you know how to engage them effectively. Therefore, in this article, we look at the six main ways you can build your growing  brand.

Effective Advertisement

We start with the biggest and the most effective way of promoting your brand, which is advertising. Small businesses are now able to establish and showcase themselves solely through the use of digital platforms. There are many different tools available online that allow you to create shareable content across many social media, within seconds, so make use of them. Always hire the right people who you trust to run your campaigns so that you can instead concentrate on the main focus of your business. It’s important not to dismiss the continuing importance of traditional forms of advertising however. Billboards, leaflets, TV, radio and print ads still work, so use them to your advantage.

Value-driven Social Media

It is not just about using digital platforms to sell. Of course, that’s an essential part of it because as a company you need people to buy your products and services. But it’s more than that. It’s about having a presence. Every platform has its own significance, and therefore it is up to you to make sure you get the best out of that platform. Facebook, for example, is the most used social media site in the world. Instead of just having your company’s page filled with products, run a campaign that engages people and helps in building a community around your brand. Similarly, Twitter, where people go to share their thoughts, is a great place to participate in trending topics and to engage audiences. These are the places your customers go, not to buy products on the whole, but to be a part of a conversation. Join the conversation if you really want to engage.

Focus on the visuals

Our first impressions of anything are usually based on appearance, and the same goes for a brand. If you make a terrible first impression, you are unlikely to get the chance to create a second one in this fast-paced consumer world. When thinking about the visuals, start by choosing two distinctive colours that reflect your brand’s key values and message. By having just two you are making it easier for people to remember you. Similarly, do not use extra fonts in your taglines and names. Keep it simple, and use a font that is user-friendly because if people’s eyes do not like what they see, they tend not to read through it. Using a classic format suggests your business is established and growing. On the other hand, if you use a font that is casual and jovial, it will show your company is friendly and welcoming.

Keep the customers happy

It sounds clichéd but one of the best ways to grow your business is to make sure your customers and prospective customers are fully satisfied with the product or service they have been provided. Therefore, concentrate on your customer services. How easy are you to contact? How quickly do you reply to messages? What is the customer’s experience when making a complaint? Similarly, if a client has visited your store and isn’t happy with an item they have bought, what systems do you have in place to rectify the problems they identify and how do you make those customers happy again? It is perfectly possible for a client to have been unhappy with the product they bought, but because of the way they were dealt with by your company representatives, still leave the shop singing your praises, and happy to return another day. Well-trained customer sales representatives are therefore vital for any brand.

A well-rounded team

To achieve success you need to create a solid base, and in any business environment, the base is your team. Try to choose the right people for the right jobs and do not compromise on suitability. Conduct a thorough interview process bringing in a professional recruitment specialist if needed. Involve other members of your team in the decision and ask their opinions. As a growing company, you should look to hire individuals who bring in something new or extra along with their education and work experience. Ask what each candidate’s value-added is. How can they help your company to grow and how do they compliment the strengths and weaknesses of your current team? We all bring different qualities to the table and no two people are alike, but essential in every employee in a company that is wanting to grow however, are the passion and drive and shared values needed to push your brand forward.

Decide your market focus

For a growing business, it is crucial to be flexible in your market focus. It is a mistake to just keep focusing on the same factors from the beginning, because trends are changing constantly, and your business is evolving too. A sensible strategy is to review your market focus on a quarterly basis and conduct a final review at the end of every year.

Always spend time on deciding what the main aim of your company is going to be going forward. It can be anything from trying to increase profits, to increasing visibility, to generating new leads. But you must have a goal in mind to be able to start working towards it. Analyse where you are on your goals regularly in order to keep track of the progress you are making, and the areas of your business that still need fine tuning (or even a total overhaul).

Be realistic with what you are aiming for and then give it everything you’ve got!

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